Company profile

Bewin International Sports & Cul人都ture Co., Ltd (Hereina相算fter: “BEWIN SPORTS” is a C地跳hinese company which specialized in sp商到orts business marketing, event organiz業看ing and promotion. BEWIN SPORTS is a 友那professional sports company wh下請ich focuses on sports, sp請匠orts training and international s多費ports & culture exchanges. B黑票EWIN SPORTS creates the to空放p of winter sports projects, inc我畫luding Ice hockey matches ar裡吧rangement, Ice hockey training camp pro些紅jects both in Finland an女鐵d in China, teacher a了林nd coaches training bot見吧h on snow and ice in F飛大inland and China. BEWIN 他吧SPORTS made a platform 那生of sports & culture on both o爸厭f China and Finland.